Persona 3 Reload – How To Fuse Helel

There are some Personas in Persona 3 Reload that require special conditions to be fulfilled to fuse them. Helel is one such Personas. It is a powerful Persona in the game and the ultimate Persona that you can fuse in the Star Arcana. Fusing Helel can be challenging because there are some complications involved.

Fuse Helel Persona 3 Reload

In this guide, you will see how to fuse Helel.

How To Fuse Helel

Helel is the final Persona of Star Arcana and one of the most powerful Persona in the game however certain conditions are required to unlock its fusion which makes it even more challenging.

  • Reach at Level 88: To fuse the final Persona of Star Arcana, Helel, you need to be able to at level 88 to unlock the Helel Fusion recipe.
  • Max out the Star Social Link: The second requirement is to reach the maximum level of the Mamoru Hayase Star Social Link. Mamoru Hayase is the rival athlete, to start the social link with him you need to be part of the track team. After that, you can meet with him on August 2 at the track and later on at Iwatodai Strip Mall. He will give you the Car Key on reaching out level 10 with him and the ability to fuse Helel will get unlocked.

Persona 3 Reload Helel Fusion

On reaching Level 88 and maxing out the Star Social Link, the ability to fuse Helel will get unlocked. Now you can fuse Helel with the Dyad Fusion method using any of the below combinations.

Persona 1Persona 2
Loki (Fool)Alilat (Empress)
Ananta (Aeon)Beelzebub (Devil)
Metatron (Aeon)Lilith (Devil)

Some of the Personas in the above combinations require maxing out some other Social Link. After getting any of the above combinations, head to the Velvet Room and fuse the Helel using the Dyad Fusion method. That’s all about fusing the ultime Star Persona, Helel.