Enshrouded – How to Get Resin

The Enshrouded world is filled with demons, enemies, and NPCs. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. Collecting the items, resources and other organic materials is essential for crafting the valuable items and upgrading the structures as well. To upgrade the Flame Altar at the base resin is required. Upgrading the Flame Altar with the help of Resin will make the Flame Altar a better and stronger version. Obtain the resin in enshrouded to craft new recipes as well.

Enshrouded Resin

Here’s the guide on how to get Resin in Enshrouded.

How to Get Resin

The players have to get Resin to upgrade the Flame Altar at the base. Resin can be obtained by cutting the trees with an Axe. The trees are all scattered in the biomes of the Enshrouded. Chopping the trees will drop the Wood logs and sometimes resin as well. Players can get the Resin by breaking the pots in the different areas of enshrouded. Sometimes the broken pot will drop the Resin and the spawn rate of resin in the pot is relatively low.

The Resin has to spawn rate when cutting the trees with yellow and red leaves. The trees with yellow leaves can be found near the base. The players need 5x Resin along with the other materials to strengthen the flame. Equip the axe and start cutting the yellow trees in the biomes of the enshrouded. The regular trees will drop the Wood Logs and sometimes also drop the Resin.

Resin Enshrouded

The players can get more resin just around the base by cutting the yellow trees. After collecting the Resin near the base, save the game and log out. Then log in again and the players can see the trees have again spawned. Cut the yellow trees again and get more Resin to collect in the inventory or tiny chest. 

Explore more regions of the enshrouded to get more Resin. The players can also get the Resin by cutting the large trees. Cutting the large trees is difficult as it takes much time to get chopped. The best method to farm resin is by cutting the yellow trees and then logging in and logging out again to spawn the trees again to chop them to obtain the Resin. Repeat the procedure of logging in and logging out to get more Resin. The players also have to repair the axe to enhance its durability by interacting with the workbench.