Fire Emblem Engage – Chapter 11 Retreat Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was released on January 20, 2023.

The background of the story is that “One Thousand years ago a Fell Dragon Somborn had a hold on the land of Elyos. But after, this Fell Dragon was sealed by a group of powerful warriors. This bought peace to Elyos. Now, the seal that is holding back the Fell Dragon Somborn has begun to weaken.”

The main goal of this game is to seek out the 12 Emblem Rings, for the peace of Elyos.

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Chapter 11 Retreat

In this walkthrough, we will discuss Chapter 11 – Retreat. So, let’s get started!

Chapter 11 – Retreat Walkthrough

Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Engage is called “Retreat”. In this chapter, you will have to get into the second battle of Destinea Cathedra against Veyle. The battle will take place outside the Destinea Cathedral. The best approach to clear this stage is a defensive strategy and running away from the enemy quickly.

Chapter 11 Retreat

New Units in Chapter 11 Retreat

Three new units will join your team, once you will reach near to the escape tile.

  • Ivy
  • Kagetsu
  • Zelkov

Boss Enemy in Chapter 11 Retreat

The Boss enemy of chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Engage is Veyle. Veyle is the daughter of Somborn and a Fell Princess. Veyle is a very powerful enemy. Veyle is a magic unit with four health bars. Not only Veyle is powerful, but her soldiers are also very strong.

Chapter 11 Retreat Battle Walkthrough

Use Lance armored units, Martial Master, and, an Archer for this battle. Tank units will help you to escape and push your team formation. Use a healer at the center of your formation, to heal your units on time to avoid deaths.
You will see many flier enemy units in this battle. So, use an archer to kill these flier enemies as soon as possible.
Move your all units towards the south to escape quickly. The best formation of your team will be the tanky units on the front line, a healer in the center of the formation, and the fliers and archers behind these units.

Chapter 11 Retreat

Keep moving towards the exit and at the same time attack the exit guard with an archer. Do not waste your turns by attacking other enemies, especially the boss enemy Veyle, because there will be no damage from your attacks on the Veyle. So, the main goal of this stage is to run toward the exit.
Once you will reach near to the exit, three units Ivy, Kagetsu, and, Zelkov will be there to help you. They will give you a few Emblems and the draconic time crystal.

Obtainable Items in Battle

Following are the items you will get in the Exploration Phase Chapter 11 Retreat.

Obtainable Items in Battle
Master Seal