Helldivers 2 – How To Defeat Bile Spewer

Bile Spewers are the enemy troops that belong to the Terminids forces in Helldivers 2. You only encounter them in the easter region of the galaxy table where usually the Terminids forces can be found. These are the giant bugs that spit the acid on you. You usually encounter them while on the Medium or higher level of difficulty.

Bile Spewer Helldivers 2

In this guide, you will see about that weakness, its location, and how you can defeat the Bile Spewer.

How To Defeat Bile Spewer

Bile Spewers are giant green abdomen bugs with heavily armored from the front. These are some of the challenging enemies that can put you in danger if you get into the range of the acid they spew. These acid-spitter enemies can give you a lot of damage and slow you down. Knowing their weakness and reacting to their attack is the key to defeating them easily.

Bile Spewer only spawns in the Terminids-controlled part of the galaxy which comprises the eastern regions on the galaxy table. Initially, they can only be found when you are playing the game in the Medium or higher difficulty levels but after completing a few missions you can find them on the lower difficulties also so you always need to be prepared to take them down.

Helldivers 2 Bile Spewer

Bile Spewer attacks you by spitting acid on you which is a one-go attack and can give you a lot of damage. You need to dodge this by anticipating this attack because when he is about to throw acid on you it uplifts his back, at this moment you have to get away from it.

As these are heavily armored you need to find out their weakness to attack. Their head and the glowing green part are less armored so attacking them on that points can take them down easily. You can also use the High Explosive Grenades.