Helldivers 2 – How To Defeat Scout Striders

Throughout your missions in Helldivers 2, you will encounter different Automaton forces you must beat. Scout Striders are one of a kind that you may face while playing the game in Medium or other higher difficulty Levels. Scout Striders are two-legged walking robots with a heavily armored body that needs serious efforts and attention to defeat. Fighting them from the front won’t cause them much damage but you can defeat them once knowing their weakness.

defeat Scout Striders Helldivers 2

In this guide, you will see how to defeat Scout Striders by knowing their weakness.

How To Defeat Scout Striders

Scount Striders are the units of the Automaton forces and look like AT-STs from Star Wars. These are heavily armored walking tanks placed on the two-legged system and operated by a robot. You can only find them if you are playing the game in Medium Difficulty or higher difficulties on the planet controlled by Automatons not anywhere else.

Defeating the Scout Striders requires attention and effort, unlike the other enemies their bodies are covered with heavy metals, and a gun is placed on the top of them which cannot rotate. This stationary gun placement on them will let you position yourself in a way so that you can attack them on their weakness and escape their fires.

Scout Striders Helldivers 2

These tall walking tanks are being operated by a pilot in their back. Attacking them from the front won’t give them much damage and eventually, you won’t be able to kill them however getting behind them makes the pilot more vulnerable. You need to position yourself to get on their back and target the pilot. This can be done in a team, your team member can distract him by attacking him from the front whilst you get on his back to target the pilot and eventually destroy the Scout Strider.

However, for solo gameplay, you can use heavy weapons like Orbital Strike Stratagem, in some missions you are equipped with an anti-tank gun. Use it to destroy them in one go. Being heavy makes it difficult to run the Scout Striders so grenades are also useful to kill them because it is hard for them to escape.


The Scount Striders can be found once you select the planet that is controlled by the Automatons. Their weakness is the pilot controlling them, once you are behind them you can easily target them. The other way to destroy them is to use heavy weapons like Stratagem or grenades to take them down instantly.