How to build a Chicken Farm and Get Eggs in Valheim Mistlands

In Valheim Mistlands you can do many interesting things like get eggs, breed them, build a chicken farm, and have delicious food.

In this guide, you are going to learn about how to build a chicken farm and get eggs.

How to unlock the Eggs

To build and have your own chicken farm, first, you need to unlock the eggs. You can only unlock the eggs by defeating Yagluth. Once you defeat the Yagluth, you can unlock the eggs which you can buy from the Haldor. Each egg will cost you 1500 and you need to have at least two eggs to breed. This is the most expensive item you can buy from Haldor.

How to unlock the Eggs

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How to build the Chicken Farm

As you are already unlocked the Eggs, now it is time to build a chicken farm. Now, you need to build a chicken coop of three-meter length to keep it warm. After that, build a fireplace and cover it with a barricade.

After that, place the eggs in the coop one by one near the fireplace so that they will get warm and hatch. After one day the eggs will begin to hatch. Eggs would not get hatch if you place them stackwise.

After the eggs hatch, you need to feed them. You can feed them seeds. One chicken eats one seed in a day. You need to keep the door closed so that chickens would not escape the coop if they escape the coop you cannot get them back in the coop.

How to build the Chicken Farm

It will take two days to get the chicken into hens. You need to protect them from the small creatures that can attack them. Also, you need to take care of them by having a roof on the coop to keep them warm and feed them regularly. You can feed them in form of stacks so would not need to worry about feeding them.

The two chickens grow they will also start laying eggs and can also tell you to feed them or if they are happy. You need to pay attention to them. You also need to put fire in the coop in order to keep them warm.

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Recipes and Chicken Meat

Building a chicken farm will unlock many recipes which you can make to cook and eat. You can kill a chicken to get its meat and cook it in the oven. Eating it will give you 60 Health and 20 Stamina. It will also give you 5 HP per tick.

These are some of the recipes you can cook

  • Mushroom Omelette
  • Cooked Egg
  • Uncooked Honey Glazed Chicken
Recipes and Chicken Meat

This is how you can build a chicken farm in Valheim Mistlands and cook recipes.