How to Farm the Sap in Valheim Mistlands

In Valheim Mistlands, to craft magic, you need to get some items. To craft most of the magic some of the items are common which are Black Ore and Sap.

In this guide, you are going to learn how you can craft the Sap Extractor and how to farm Sap in Valheim Mistlands.

How to craft Sap Extractor in Valheim

To get the Sap, first, you need to craft the Sap Extractor. Following are the items required to craft Sap Extractor.

  • Yggdrasil Wood: 10
  • Black Metal: 5
  • Dvergr Extractor
  • A Workbench

You can get the Wood from the trees. Black. You can get Black Metal by crafting it in the Blast Furnace using Black Metal and Coal. Black metal can also be found in the Planes Biome by killing Fuling Berserkers.

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Next, you need to get Dvergr Extractor, which you can get by killing Dvergr Rouge NPC. You will find these NPCs in different places around the buildings they are protecting.

How to craft Sap Extractor in Valheim

You can also get Dvergr Extractor from the Dvergr Component Crate which you can get inside the building. You need to defeat them and get the Dvergr Extractor from the Crate. If you don’t want to involve in the fight you can do this by getting into Ghost Mode.

How to craft Sap Extractor in Valheim

How to extract the Sap after getting Sap Extractor

As of now, you have all the items required to extract the Sap. now you need to find The Ancient Root Pulsating with Energy in the Mistlands Biome. After that build the workbench and place the Sap extractor on it. Now you have to wait until it starts glowing. Once the Sap is glowing it means it is extracted, you then can collect it. You don’t need to worry about the enemies attacking the Sap extractor.

How to extract the Sap after getting Sap Extractor

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A single Sap extractor will give you 10 Sap per time. To get more Sap you can place multiple Sap extractors and mark their locations. Once the Sap is extracted, you can come back to collect it.

This is all about the farming of Sap in Valheim, we hope you will find this helpful.