How to change suits in Lethal Company

There are four different suits ready to put on in Lethal Company, depends upon how the character should look alike. These suits will definitely not give you any super power or benefits to fight or survive the monsters. However the suits will give your character a new unique and fancy look.

How to change suits in Lethal Company

Four suits will be available in the store. Suits will be purchased by spending your credits. These suits have different costs from one another.

Types of suits in a ship

  1. Orange suit – This suit is a default suit and will be available anytime.
  2. Green suit – This suit is simply green and will cost 60 credits.
  3. Hazard suit – This suit color is yellow. Unfortunately, it didn’t defend the player from radiations or other explosives. This will cost only 90 credits.
  4. Pajama suit – For making your appearance more unique and special you can also try this suit in bed time. The color is simply blue with fancy yellow dots all over it. This will cost you 900 credits.

Note – These suits will be available in a store depending upon which week are you in.

How to purchase suits

  • Move towards the terminal in a ship and link to the terminal in order to purchase.
  • Type in “store”.
  • Now type the suit you want to unlock in the corresponding command. For example, type “Hazard suit buy”. Now this hazard suit will be purchased and will be hung in your rack.

Note – It will not purchase the suit that isn’t available in store yet. These suits will not be available to wear during the mission. The suit will be changed only on the ship.

Alternative way

We do not recommend you purchase the suits through the terminal as they are pretty expensive, especially the pajama one, here’s another method of buying more suits that’s an alternative way to buy more suits. There is a mod called lethal fashion that will allow the green suit, hazard suit, and pajama suit to instantly add to your inventory. Download this mod from the Thunderstore website. By installing this mod all the suits will be unlocked. The most outstanding aspect is that a host is required in this mod so anyone who joins your hall will be able to openly equip the suits as well.

Reminder – These suits will not provide any special power.