How to do Fishing in Valheim Mistlands

Valheim Mistlands is a survival game. To survive in Valheim Mistlands, you have to do different activities and craft weapons, food, and many other things. Just like this, for survival, you need to do some fishing. Doing fishing in Valheim Mistlands is also very interesting as it will get started by getting some equipment like a fishing rod, and bait and then finding a place to do fishing.

In this guide, you will see how you can do fishing by getting fishing equipment.

How to get fishing equipment in Valheim Mistlands

For fishing, you need to get the Fishing Rod and some baits which can be purchased from Haldor, a trader located in the Black Forest. You can purchase only basic fishing equipment from Haldor.

How to do Fishing in Valheim Mistlands

How to catch fish in Valheim Mistlands

To catch fish in Valheim Mistlands, you first need to find someplace where you can find them. It may sometimes take time to find them but you can find them along the coastline. Fishing in Valheim Mistlands requires a lot of stamina, so you need to eat some high-stamina food. When you are fishing you can see your stamina bar is decreasing quickly. Catching a basic fish does not require more stamina but for high-level fish, you need to have enough stamina. You can eat Cloudberries, Bread, or Mushrooms.

After making sure you have enough stamina, equip the fishing bait and then press and hold the left mouse button and release it. The longer you hold the left mouse button the longer it will remain cast.

Leave the bait there and wait for the fish to bite it. Press and Hold the Right mouse button when you have a flash popped to reel in the fish. When you get it will appear in your inventory.

How to do Fishing in Valheim Mistlands

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Fish Qualities in Valheim Mistlands

You can catch different fish qualities depending on the bait you are using. You can turn a fish into raw fish by visiting  Cauldron. Raw fish is a good ingredient for cooking.

  • The Quality 1 Fish gives you one Raw Fish
  • The Quality 2 Fish gives you two Raw Fish
  • The Quality 4 Fish gives you more Raw Fish
How to do Fishing in Valheim Mistlands

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