A tiny map with the best loot and highest monsters spawn ratio makes the Titan moon much more difficult than the other Moons. If you want to loot more scraps to make more money, Titan is a perfect choice to explore. To get into the Titan, you need to have 700 Credits in the account. It’s the highest amount for any of the other Moons. More scrap in this moon makes it a more worthy moon.

How to travel to Titan moon

The player needs to have 700 credits in the account to move into the Titan moon. The procedure is the same as buying anything from the store.

  1. Interact with the terminal on the ship
  2. Type “Moons”
  3. Type “Titan”
  4. The terminal will ask for a confirmation, so type “CONFIRM” and press enter.

As you type the Confirm command the ship will get the instruction to fly towards the Titan moon.

Here starts the toughest and interesting journey of the Lethal Company.

Breaking into a bunker from the ship

The ship and the bunker are close to each other. The ship entrance and bunker entrance are in front of each other with a distance of a few steps on the staircase that connects to the ship front area and bunker front area.


One more perk that a player has is that the fire exit of the bunker is just to the left of the bunker entrance which makes a simple run from the bunker to the ship. The visibility will be low outside the ship as compared to the other moons. If you are hunted by the Red Ghost girl or other enemies in the bunker, and you need to escape from the bunker, the fire exit is the best option to utilize. Use the boombox near the door of the fire exit inside the bunker, in this way, you will know which way will lead you toward the bunker fire exit door by listening to the music.

Weapons during the Raid

If there is only a solo player, a flashlight is the best choice because ignoring all the monsters outside or inside the bunker will make the raid successful because the monster’s spawn rate is too high, and the player doesn’t need to mess with them if encountered. Just use a flashlight during the raid because inventory needs to have enough because loot will be too high due to unlimited scraps.

But during playing with other teammates, the best option is for each player to carry a different weapon from the other. For example. One player carries the flashlight other player takes the boombox and the other player grabs the shovel with them. Loot as much as you can in a team.


As the Monster spawn rate is high you will never know which monsters will encounter and how many of them can attack.

Below is the list of indoor monsters and outdoor monsters.

Outside monsterForest giant
Outside monsterEarth Leviathan
Outside monsterEyeless dog
Inside monsterCoil-head
Inside monsterBunker spiders
Inside monsterSnare flea
Inside monsterSpore lizard
Inside monsterHoarding bug
Inside monsterBracken
Inside monsterThumper
Inside monsterJester
Inside monsterGhost girl

As eyeless dogs have the highest spawn ratio. So never try to mess up or trigger them. Move the destination without making any noise. As eyeless dogs have a 69% spawn rate and the rest will be the Giants and Earth Leviathan.

Monsters in Titan Moon

Most things can spawn on this map indoors. It’s a pretty mixed bag as you can seal the coil head or jester that you run into in the terminal doors with the help of the operator on the ship. In this way, you don’t have to deal with them anymore. This makes it pretty easy. But you have to face the deadly Monsters.

Spend the 700 credits to experience the Titan moon and loot as much as you can to make more money.