Beehives are one of the items discovered during a raid in Lethal Company. Unlikely it is available outside the ship and bunker. A beehive costs around 100 credits when you are about to sell, so it’s a worthy item to get, win, and sell the beehive to earn credits to buy some useful weapons, to survive the Monsters and enemies.

STEALING A BEEHIVE in Lethal Company

It’s not easy to gain these 100 credits. There are hundreds of bees with thunderbolts in them gathered around the hive to protect it from any kind of danger. Bees with electric shock in them will terminate the player in seconds if their hive is stolen from them and they hunt the player. These Beehives are available randomly on the ground. Mostly Two moons have a high spawn ratio of beehives, which are Vow and March.

However, there are two techniques to get the Beehives. Although it will be a tough journey from stealing the beehives from the ground to entering the ship.

Here are the two methods of stealing the beehive.


It’s a tricky method to get the beehives as there will be no other teammates to help you out. Make sure that you have maximum stamina, otherwise, bees will attack you instantly. Following the below strategies will make this heist successful.

  1. Approach Close to the bees. Doing this will seek their attention on you as they will consider you as a danger to beehive.
  2. Bees will rush towards you to attack as a result they will leave the beehive alone on the ground.
  3. Now avail yourself of this chance and make an instant U-turn around the bees, doing this gives you enough time to carry the beehive and run towards the ship.
  4. Rush towards the Beehive and Press “E” to grab the Beehive.
  5. Rush towards the ship as fast as you can and as you enter the ship close the door to stop Bees entering the ship.
  6. As the player will be running, the result will be losing stamina. so, here’s a little trick to maintain the stamina level. Drop the Beehive as you are out of stamina. Now beehive will assemble on the Beehive again to protect it, perform the same procedure, move close to the Bees, make a U turn pick up the Beehive, and run towards the ship. Repeat this dropping, picking, and running method until you reach the ship safely.

Here’s another alternative method of Beehive heist.

Teammate Heist

It’s the easiest method to get the Beehives. As it requires teammates to help you out in this heist. Instead of the Solo method, you can do this heist comfortably, using other teammates.

  1. Set the other player to approach the bees, as bees will consider it as an attack on their Beehives. Bees will follow that player leaving the Beehive alone.
  2. Now you can rush towards the Beehives to pick and get it into the ship, as the bees are busy chasing the other teammate.
  3. As you move into the ship, place the hive in the ship and wait for the other player to come. As bees are still chasing him. As soon as the other player Enter the ship, close the door instantly.
Teammate Heist in Lethal Company

Trick to get Beehives on Vow

Here is another unique method that also works on Vow as you do the Solo heist. Bounce into the ravine under the bridges, and make the entrance into the fire exit. Bees will start hunting but they can’t get into the building.

These bees cannot be damaged by any of the Weapons, the only way to get rid of them is to run to the ship or just leave that planet. Beehives will add value as economical. when you need it most. So, be ready to survive thunderbolt bees.