Like a Dragon: infinite Wealth- How to Unlock All Jobs

Collecting all kinds of resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and selling them at the Matayosha’s shop to earn Thousands of Dokobucks is essential for restoring the popularity of Dondoko Island. The players have to unlock every job to acquire different skills and abilities. Customize the party and make the most powerful combinations by unlocking the Jobs. Each job will be unlocked after some time. Ranking up a job permanently upgrades the player’s party and unlocks the skills.

Like a Dragon infinite Wealth Unlock All Jobs

Here’s the guide on How to Unlock More jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Unlock All Jobs

The players can unlock the Jobs after completing the main objectives and substories of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The players will visit Palakena Orphanage at the end of chapter 5 and after gathering donations for the food bank, players will pay a visit to the Alo-Happy tourism center in the Worldwide Market Village. Let’s Get Alo-Happy is the substory in the game that players will complete at the end of chapter 5. The players can get access to many of the jobs for the characters from there. The minimum fee for the job will be $200 and the maximum fee for any job will be $1,600.

How to unlock Hawaii Jobs

The players will unlock the Job by talking to the tour guide instructor in the tourism center. The players have to participate in different activities and tours. The players must have the money to purchase and participate in any task or activity and require a personality level to unlock the jobs. The players will get access to jobs after paying the fee. The jobs required a different fee and personality level. The Hawaii jobs that the players can unlock in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are the following.

JobsFeePersonality Required
AquanautDriving Tour (Free)Kindness Level 1
GeodancerBuy Hula Exhibition ($200)Passion Level 1
PyrodancerFire dancing exhibition ($200)Passion Level 3
Action StarBuy Parasailing ($200)Charisma Level 4
HousekeeperDuty-Free Shopping ($200)Kindness Level 4
DesperadoBuy Water Shootout ($1600)Style Level 5
KunoichiPurchase Yoga on the Shore ($1,600)Intellect Level 5

How to Unlock Japan Jobs

The players can unlock the Japan jobs when visiting the Alo-Happy tour in Ijincho in Chapter 8 with Kiryu as these are the previous game jobs. These jobs will be automatically unlocked by the enhancement of the bond level. These jobs do not require the completion of any activity or purchasing anything. Yokohama and Hawaii are the only characters in the game who can get access to these jobs.

  • Host
  • Breaker
  • Idol
  • Night Queen
  • Chef
How to Unlock Jobs Like a Dragon infinite Wealth

All of these Jobs will be unlocked upon visiting the Alo-Happy Tourism Center in Japan.

Linebacker and Tennis Ace are the only jobs that can be unlocked by purchasing the Special Job Set DLC. To unlock the Linebacker the players must have the Confidence Level 5 and to get access to the tennis Ace the players must contain Charisma Level 5.  Once the players unlock the Jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Jobs can be changed with the characters to learn new skills and abilities.