Persona 3 Reload – How to Fuse Mothman

Fulfilling Elizabeth’s requests in Persona 3 Reload is an engaging activity that eventually rewards you along with a new Persona in your arsenal. She often asks players to fuse a Persona with a certain skill and one of them is Mothman. Mothman is the powerful Persona to fuse with many higher stats and abilities.

Mothman Persona 3 Reload

In this guide, you will how to Fuse Mothman in Persona 3 Reload.

How To Fuse Mothman

Mothman is one of the mid-game Persona that you need to fuse on Elizabeth’s requests “Fusion Series #3: Hermit, Mojson”. But just like any other fusion, this fusion also needs some conditions to be fulfilled. There are a few requirements that unlock this of her request.

Mothman Fusion Requirements

  • Get Vibrant Feather: The foremost step to unlock the Mothman Fusion is to get Vibrant Feather. Players can collect it by completing Floor 82 of Tartarus. On defeating the Arcanist Decapitator, the Guardian Boss of the 82 Floor of Tartarus, players will get the Vibrant Feather. On getting it, the ability to fuse Mothman will get unlocked.
  • Fusing Mothman with Agilao Skill: This is the tricky part of Elizabeth’s request as you need to fuse Mothman with the Agilao Skill. Now there are many different methods for this fusion. One is to Fuse Mothman with either of the Persona who knows Agilao. The other method is to fuse Mothman with any combination you have and then use the Agilao Skill Card on it.

How to Fuse Mothman with Agilao

The most common combination to fuse Mothman with Agilao is to use Sati (Magician) and Shiisaa (Hierophant). Sati inherently knows the Agilao and can be fused using the Naga and Gurula combination, while the Shiisaa can be fused using Principality and Makoi. After getting these two Personas, you can head to Velvet Room and fuse Mothman using Dyad Fusion.

The other way to fuse Mothman using Hua Po and Flauros or Mithras x Yakshini combination but in this method you need to teach him the Agilao Skill using the Agilao Skill Card. This rare card can be obtained through the Time Shuffle.

Mothman with Agilao Persona 3 Reload

After getting done with the fusion, you need to talk to Elizabeth along with the Mothman to complete the “Fusion Series #3: Hermit, Mojson” request. This will reward you Maid Outfit costume. That’s all about fusing Mothman in Persona 3 Reload.