Palworld- How to Hatch Eggs

Palworld is a new multiplayer game in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. The players can find the eggs scattered all around the regions of the Palworld. Players may find the regular eggs that are used to make the dishes using the cooking pot. These specific eggs are incubated to get certain Pals. Each of these eggs will hold Pal.

Hatch Eggs Palworld

Here’s the Guide on Hot Hatch Eggs in Palworld.

How to Hatch Eggs

The players will hatch the Eggs using the Egg incubator. Eggs can be found while exploring the biomes of Palworld, during breeding Pals an Egg will appear and the egg can also be hatched using the Egg Incubator. The egg incubator is a Level 7 Technology ancient item that players can unlock by using the 1 point of the technology to discover the recipe for the Egg Incubator. The Players can Level up by catching Pals at least 30 pals, Collecting Ores, mining rocks, and competing the base missions.

Palworld Hatch Eggs

Once the Egg Incubator is built, place the Egg in it and it will take some time to incubate. Every Egg takes a different amount of time to be hatched. Large and Hude takes more time than all the other eggs. To increase the Incubation speed, players can place the Egg Incubator near the campfire or heater if the egg seems to be cold. The heater is the Technology Level 17 item that will be unlocked by using the 2 points of the technology. If the egg is placed near the Cooler type material. It will rapidly enhance the incubation speed and make the egg hatch faster.

Once the Egg is hatched, the players have to interact with the Palbox to see the Pal that is recently added after hatching the egg. The player can only Hatch one egg at a time. To Hatch multiple eggs at once, the players have to build more Egg incubators. More Incubators lead to more hatching of Eggs only if the players have enough eggs in the inventory.

Type of Eggs

There are different kinds of Eggs scattered all around the biomes of the Palworld. To Hatch the egg, players must know which Pal will hatch from that specific egg.

Egg TypesHatched Pals
Verdant EggGrass Type Pal
Dragon EggDragon Type Pal
Electric EggElectric Type Pal
Common EggNormal Type Pal
Damp EggWater Type Pal
Scorching EggFire Type Pal
Frozen EggIce Type Pal
Dark EggDark Type Pal
Rocky EggGround Type Pal