Palworld- How to Heal Yourself and Pals

Healing the character and Pals are necessary for surviving in the Palworld. The players will be defending their base from the soldiers, killing the world boss and the Boss Pals in dungeons along with their base Pals as a result players and pals will lose their health after taking damage. To increase the Hp of the character and Pals, players have to keep looking they ways from where they can enhance their health. To prevent the death of the character and the Pals, healing is required to keep them healthy and make further progress in the Palworld.

How to heal palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Heal the character and Pals in Palworld.

How to Heal yourself

Palworld offers many methods through which you can heal yourself and the Pals as well. However, consuming any fruits or dishes will not enhance the health anyhow. You can heal yourself by sleeping on the Shoddy bed. Sleeping on a Shoddy bed under the roof will regenerate your health automatically. It is compulsory to make a shoddy bed under the roof as you cannot take a nap under the open sky. 

You can also heal yourself with the help of Pals that you catch. There are three Pals that will heal you when deal with damage.

  • Teafant
  • Petallia
  • Lyleen

All of these three Pals will heal you for a chunk of HP. Petallia will heal you with 400 HP, Teafant can heal you with 200 HP and Lyleen can heal you with 1,000 HP, each doing by their abilities. The players have to improve the Pals in the Pal Essence Condenser which will also enhance their active abilities. For example, Level 2 Teafant will heal you with 200 HP, and Level 3 Teafant will heal you with 260 HP. It should be noted that the pals have to be adjacent to you for this to work, and you have to practically stand still to be close enough to receive the heal, making it a bit difficult to utilize mid-combat.

Another method is life stealing. The Felbat and Lovander both passively apply a life-stealing effect to themselves and you while you have them summoned. It’s a more combat-friendly alternative to the pals that heal a whole chunk of your HP at once if you can’t reasonably get to cover.

How to Heal Pals

The players can also heal the Pals after the Pals take damage and are left with low HP. The players can make them sleep on the Straw Pal Bed. The Player will build the Straw Pal Bed at the beginning of the game as it is the Technology Level 3 item. Pals sleeping on the Straw pal Bed will automatically regenerate their health. Placing the Pals in the Palbox will also help in regenerating the health. Once the Pals are fully healed, you can again assign the tasks to them in the base.

how to heal pals in palworld

The players can also heal their Pals with medicines from Medieval Medicine Workbench. The Players Build the Medieval Medicine to keep the Pals healthy and also to produce simple medicines for themselves.