Palworld- How to Build Medieval Medicine Workbench

Medieval Medicine Workbench is the structure item in the Palworld from where the players can make medicine for pals to cure them. The players have to make medicines for Pals to increase their HP after dealing with damage. The Players Build the Medieval Medicine to keep the Pals healthy and also to produce simple medicines for themselves. The base level will also be increased once the Medieval Medicine Workbench is crafted as it is one of the base missions that the players have to complete in the Palworld.

Medieval Medicine Workbench Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to get Medieval Medicine Workbench in Palworld.

How to Build Medieval Medicine Workbench

Medieval Medicine Workbench is the Technology Level 12 structure that can be unlocked after reaching Level 12. The players can level up by catching more Pals at least 30 pals, collecting Ores and mine Nodes, and also by completing the base missions. Once the players reach Level 12, Medieval Medicine Workbench can be unlocked by using 2 points of the technology. Upon unlocking the Medieval Medicine workbench, players will discover the recipe for building the Medieval Medicine workbench.

The players have to collect the required material for building the Medieval Medicine Workbench. The required materials are following.

Obtaining the required materials

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees that are scattered in the biomes of Palworld. Punching the trees will also drop the wood as well. Paldium Fragment is also obtained by mining the regular stone. The players have to Get the Stone Pickaxe which is the starting tool in the Palworld. Stone Pickaxe will be crafted at Primitive Workbench. The spawn rate of Paldium Fragment is low in Regular stones.

The players can get Nails by using the Ingot. Ingot can only be foraged at the Primitive Furnace. To forage the Ingot, players have to build the Primitive Furnace. The players have to reach Level 10 to unlock the Primitive Furnace. Ingot can be foraged by using the Ores. 2x Ores are required to get 1x Ingot.

Build Medieval Medicine Workbench Palworld

Once the players collect all the required materials, simply approach the Medieval Medicine Workbench and Hold “F” to Build it. The players can also assign the Pals to build the Medieval Medicine Workbench. Players can produce medicines for their Pals to enhance their Health by using the Medieval Medicine Workbench in the Palworld. The players can learn which ingredients can be prepared by interacting with the Medieval Medicine Workbench. The following ingredients can be made by using the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

  • Low-Grade medical supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • High-Grade medical supplies
  • Suspicious Juice
  • Strange Juice