Palworld- How to Get a Cooking Pot

The new structure that the players have to get is a Cooking Pot that allows them to cook several recipes that will be required in further gameplay. During the breeding process Cake is required that can be cooked in the cooking pot. The players have to get a Cooking Pot at the early stage of the game as increasing the base level is also required and it can be increased by building a Cooking Pot. More variety of dishes will be prepared while using the Cooking Pot. Unlike campfire, cooking is the safest and fastest type of structure to cook the dishes.

Cooking Pot Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Get a Cooking Pot in Palworld.

How to get a Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot is the Technology Level 17 item that the player will unlock once they reach Level 17. The players can level up by catching more pals, collecting Ores and mining rocks, and completing the base missions in the Palworld. Unlock the Cooking Pot from Level 17 in the Technology section by using 2 points of the technology.

After unlocking the Cooking Pot, open the build menu, move into the food portion, and select Cooking Pot to drop it to any area in the Palworld. The players will discover the recipe for building the Cooking Pot. To build the Cooking Pot following materials are required.

  • 15x Ingot
  • 20x Wood
  • 3x Flame Organ

Obtaining the Required materials

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees or punching the trees will also drop the wood. The flame organ can be obtained by capturing the fire-type Pals. The easiest Fire-type Pal to catch is the FoxParks. Players can easily drop the HP of Foxparks with a few hits of old Bow and arrows. The players can get the Foxparks in the Grassy Behemoth Hills. The players can discover this area at the beginning of the game. Move into this area and defeat the Foxparks. Capturing the Foxparks will provide the players with 2x Leather and 2x Flame Organ.

The ingot is a refined material that can only be crafted at the Primitive furnace. Fire-type Pals are required to blow the Primitive Furnace and the foraging process will start. Collect all the required materials and build the Cooking Pot. Many dishes will be prepared using the Cooking Pot.