Palworld- How to Get Grappling Gun

Palworld is a new multiplayer game in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. The players have to unlock many items and structures from the Technology section. The grappling Gun is the gun in the Palworld that allows the players to move quickly to the mountain or any climbing area which decreases the stamina. Using a Grappling Gun, players will be able to make an easy movement from place to place without causing any effect on the stamina.

Grappling Gun Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to obtain a Grappling Gun in Palworld.

How to Get a Grappling Gun

Grappling Gun is a technology level 12 item that the players can unlock once they reach level level 12. The players can level up by catching Pals at least 30 pals, Collecting Ores, mining rocks, and competing in base missions. The players can unlock the Grappling Gun by 2 points of the technology. Technology points can be obtained by killing the Pal boss inside the World and also by killing the Pal boss inside the dungeons. However, killing the same Pal boss again will not provide any technology points. Make sure that each time a different type of Pal boss is killed.  

Once the Grappling gun is unlocked, the players can discover the recipe of the Grappling Gun. The materials required for crafting the Grappling Gun are the following.

How to Get required materials

Paldium Fragment is also obtained by mining the regular stone. The players have to Get the Stone Pickaxe. Stone Pickaxe will be crafted at Primitive Workbench. The spawn rate of Paldium Fragment is low in Regular stones.

The players can get Ingot by building the Primitive Furnace, obtaining Ores, and Flame organ. Once the players get the items, Ingot can be obtained in no time. First, the players have to get Flame Organ.

The Players can Get Fiber by simply cutting the trees or by punching them. Punching the trees will drop less Fiber and it requires the power for hitting.

The players can obtain the Ancient Civilization parts by killing the Pal bosses in the world and the dungeons. Simply killing them will drop 1x Ancient Civilization Part. Killing Chillet will drop the ancient civilization parts at the beginning of the game.

Palworld Grappling Gun

Once the players collect all the required materials, simply interact with the Primitive workbench to craft the Grappling Gun. Move the Grappling Gun from the inventory to the weapons slot to use it after crafting it. It took 10 seconds to cool down the Grappling Guns. Players have to wait for 10 seconds to use it again. The players will keep using the Grappling Gun, especially over the rocky areas in the Palworld. The Grappling Guns need to be repaired to be used further in the Palworld.