Solve the photo puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

In this article, I have described how you can find all the photo pieces and what their for in Hello Neighbor 2.

The first photo piece is in the pillow you need to use your scissors to cut it and open it and you will find the first piece.

 The other piece is in another room that’s on the right. Here are the police lines you have to cut them with your scissors so you will get your second photo piece.

In the same room, you have to climb into the closet and you will see here a spider web. You have to remove it with your scissors. Once remove it you will get the weight. Take the weight and go to another room and place it in the location described in the screenshot.

photo puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

After placing it, in your back a closet will open and you can take another photo piece.

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There is only one piece left. You will need the crowbar for the last one. Grab the crowbar and go to the upper portion and you will the box. Open the box by using a crowbar so you will get the next piece.

photo puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

Once you collect the pieces go back to the picture and put them all in the picture. Once you get all the pieces you will get the key far away and can open the lock.