Disney Dreamlight Valley- I’ve Got a Dreamlight Quest |Friendship Quest

A Rift in Time expansion introduces many new Friendship quests and the I’ve Got a Dreamlight quest is one of them which is available from Rapunzel. The players can play this quest after reaching level 4 Friendship with Rapunzel. The players who own A Rift in Time expansion can complete the I’ve Got a Dreamlight Quest. The player will make a recipe to revive Remy’s encouragement.  The players will talk with Remy, Goofy, and Gaston while completing the I’ve Got a Dreamlight Quest.

I’ve Got a Dreamlight Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete I’ve Got a Dreamlight quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Talk to Rapunzel near the wishing well. You and Rapunzel decided to cheer up Remy by talking to him. Talk to Remy in the Courtyard. The players have to make Ruby Masoor Dal at any cooking station.

How to Make Ruby Masoor Dal

To make Ruby Masoor Dal, players have to find the following ingredients.

  1. Chili Pepper
  2. Tomato
  3. Ruby Lentils

How to get Ingredients

The players can get the Chili Pepper by planting its seeds. The seeds of Chili Pepper will be bought from Goofy’s Stall in Sunlit Plateau. Tomato is a Vegetable type Ingredient. To get the Tomato, players have to buy Tomato seeds from Goofy’s stall at Dazzle Beach. The players have to get Goofy’s Stall in The Grasslands and upgrade it. Purchase the Ruby Lentils Seed from Goofy’s stall which will cost 250 Star Coins.

Ruby Masoor Dal

How to make Ruby Masoor Dal

Once the players Collect all the required ingredients to Make Ruby Masoor Dal, Use any cooking station in Eternity Isle. Move into the recipes section. Select Chili Pepper and add it to the cooking pot. Then Grab the Tomato from the vegetable section and drop it into the cooking pot. Add ruby Lentils to the cooking pot to make the recipe tastier.

Complete Gaston’s Dream

Bring the Ruby Masoor Dal to Remy. The player has to share the Ruby Masoor Dal with Rapunzel as well. After making Ruby Masoor Dal, Gaston’s dream of being a hero has to be fulfilled. The player has to Find the Following materials for Rapunzel’s creature.

Softwood is foraged Material and players can find it in the following Dreamlight Valley areas.

  1. Plaza
  2. Peaceful Meadow
  3. Forest of Valor
  4. Glade of Trust

Clear the small and large tree stump with the help of Shovel to obtain Softwood.

The players have to return to Rapunzel’s tower to give her the required materials. Talk to Gaston in The Plains. The player has to meet Gaston in Rapunzel’s tower.

Gaston’s Dream

Move into The Grasslands and enter into Rapunzel’s Tower. Take a Picture of Gaston with the creature and talk to Gaston again. The player has to take another picture of Gaston with the creature. Listen to Gaston and Rapunzel.

Follow Rapunzel to the surprise. Rapunzel will give the coin and the player has to throw it into the wishing pool and make a wish. Talk to Rapunzel again and I’ve Got a Dreamlight Valley Quest will be complete.