Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Get Plastic Scrap

A Rift in Time Expansion introduces the Plastic Scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The plastic scrap can be found in the Eternity Isle. Many quest lines require Plastic scrap usually for crafting recipes because Plastic Scrap acts as crafting material at the crafting station. Plastic Scrap is not only required for Story quests but also for Friendship quests. While fishing in the clear water, the players can get the Plastic Scrap. Plastic Scrap can also be sold for 10 Star Coins at Goofy’s Stall.

How to Get Plastic Scrap Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Obtain Plastic Scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Plastic Scrap

The player can obtain the Plastic Scrap with two methods. The process of obtaining the Plastic Scrap is simple if the correct instructions are being followed.

Method 1

Plastic Scrap can be found in any biome in the Eternity Isle. If the player just owns A Rift in time expansion, then The Docks area of Ancient Landing will be the only choice to obtain the Plastic Scrap from the river. The players have to move into the fishing spot and start fishing with no ripples in the water. Plastic Scrap will only be spawned with no bubbles in water. Simply equip the fishing rod and start fishing where there is no sign of bubbles or ripples in the water.

How to Get Plastic Scrap Method 1

Players can also get the Plastic Scrap in the Wild Tangle Biome and Glittering Dunes Biome as Well. For fishing in these two biomes, Players have to complete The Sands in the Hourglass quest set by Jaffar. Once the Broken bridge is repaired while using Royal Hourglass and Mist then the other two biomes will be unlocked.

Method 2

A Rift in Time expansion introduces many foraged materials and Plastic Scrap is one of them. It can also be found randomly on the ground near the bushes or trees at the bottom of the Rubbles. The players have to remove the small and large Rubble with the help of Upgraded Shovel. A small rubble Shovel potion is upgraded at any crafting station with the help of Royal Hourglass level 0. The small rubbles can be found in areas of Anceint’s Landing. It can only be removed by the small rubble shovel potion in Ancients Landing.

How to Get Plastic Scrap Method 2

The Shovel has to be upgraded at the crafting station in Eternity Isle to make it a large rubble shovel potion. The players must have the following crafting ingredients to update the Shovel.

  • 3000xMist
  • 20xPearl
  • Ancient Core (Level 1)

Collect the items and start upgrading the Shovel to Large Ruble Shovel Potion. It can clear out the large rubbles in Ancients Landing.

Take out the Upgraded Shovel potion and start removing the Rubbles found in the Ancients Landing Biome. The fishing method is simpler and more effective as it does not require any kind of upgrade. On the other hand, removing rubbles requires upgrading the shovel potion. The players can follow any one of the methods to obtain the Plastic Scrap.

The Plastic scrap can be used for crafting new recipes at the crafting station and also to complete the story quests and friendship quests when required.