How To Beat Sword Master in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

There are many mini and main bosses in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown. Main bosses usually occur at the last of each level. Sword Master is the second main boss in the game which can be found in the Royal Palace in the last second main quest named The Battle of Persepolis. Learning his attack patterns is crucial to win against him.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Sword Master

In this guide, we will see how to defeat the Sword Master by learning his attack patterns in the battle.

Sword Master Battle Guide

Sword Master is the second main boss which you will have to battle with to complete the second main quest The Battle of Persepolis. He will be found in the Royal Palace with a sword and a massive shield naturally on progressing the game in the last of the second quest.

Attack Patterns of Sword Master

It is more like a tutorial boss than a main boss which tests the sword skills that you have learned so far. He introduced you to the red eyes attack which cannot be parryed. It is a one-phase boss with the following attacks.

Sword Master Red Eye Attack
  • Sword Swing: This is the common attack by Sword Mater which he is doing most of the time. He simply hit you with your sword which you can avoid or react quite easily.
  • Red Eye Sword Swing: This is the uninterrupted attack by the Sword Master which cannot be parryed. He lunges toward you with his sword to hit you hard while his eyes glow red. Keep some distance from him when you see his eyes glowing red to avoid the attack range and come back to give him several hits.
  • Sword Swing Combo: He moves toward you to land a 3x Sword Combo attack on you which you can parry or doge.

How to beat Sword Master

It is a one-phase boss with a sword and a massive shield with him which you can easily defeat by following the following steps. He is repeating most of his attacks and anticipating them to dodge or parry will help you to get triumphed easily.

Attacking from behind on Sword Master
  • Avoid Red Eye Sword Swing: When the eyes of Sword Master flash red, it indicates that he is about to give you the unavoidable Red Eye Sword Swing which cannot be parryed when in the range. Keep a safe distance to dodge him as he rushes toward you.
  • Parry the normal Sword Swing attacks: Try to parry all of his normal sword swing attacks and the melee attacks that he could use to give you damage. This will help you to charge up Athra Surge ability.
  • Use Athra Surge: Keep an eye on the bottom right of your screen at Athra Surge Gauge. As soon as it gets full by parrying the normal sword swing attacks use it against him to give him massive damage.
  • Sword Master Defensive Shield: It is to be noted that he comes up with a large defensive shield which causes hindrance to give most of the attacks to him. To avoid the effect of his shield, slide behind to him to land several attacks.

That is all about beating the Sword Master and all of his attack patterns. There are no rewards for beating him.