How To Beat Undead Prisoner in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Undead Prisoner is the first boss of any kind and the first mini-boss in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown which you will encounter on your way to Hyrcanian Fores beyond the Citadel. He will hinder you on your way and you have to knock him down to get into the Citadel. Undead Prisoner is the mini-boss in the game but it should not be taken lightly as it can be as lethal as any main boss and you will encounter him in the early game when you have not that many skills and he is going to test them.

Undead Prisoner Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

In this guide, you will learn about how to beat Undead Prisoner by mastering his attack patterns.

Undead Prisoner Attack Patterns

As a mini-boss, he has fewer attacks than any main boss but the battle is going to be furious. When encountered, he will launch many attacks on you. For some, the only way to react is to dodge while others can be parryed. To anticipate his attacks, you need to keep an eye on his flashing eyes. Sometimes it can be yellow or red which indicates the way to react over them.

  • Pillar Smash: In this attack, he moves his hand high in the air to charge the pillar he is having and then lands on the ground to smash it. All you need to do to dodge is to move behind him when and wait for him to finish to give damage. It is a red-eye attack that cannot be parried.
  • Pillar Swirl: In this attack, the Undead Prisoner charges his pillar and rotates it. It is the yellow eye attack that can be parried.
  • Forward Pillar Smash: It is the red-eyed attack that cannot be parried. It is just like Pillar Smash but in the forward direction. As it cannot be parried you have to dodge it by moving behind him as soon as you see the red flash.

How to Beat Undead Prisoner

The flash tells a lot about the attacks of the Undead Prisoner. Either you have to dodge them or parry them depending upon it. This is the key to victory against him.

Attacks to Dodge

As soon as you see a red glow in his eyes it means he is going to do a Pillar Smash on you either in a forward or downward direction. If he is moving his hands above it means it is going to be a Pillar Smash on the ground. To dodge it you have to move behind him to give him a lot of damage. The Forward Pillar Smash can also be dodged similarly.

Undead Prisoner Pillar Smash Attack

Attacks to Parry

As soon as you see a yellow glow in his eyes it means he is doing a Pillar Swirl attack on you. He charges his pillar to rotate but it can be parried easily but timing matters.

Undead Prisoner Pillar Swirl Attack

Use Athra Surge

Dodging his attacks and giving him hits will charge your Athra Surge meter on the bottom right screen. When it gets full use it against him to give unavoidable damage.

Undead Prisoner Rewards

On beating Undeaded Prisoner you will get one Soma Tree Petal and a lot of crystals. Collecting 4 Soma Tree petals will give you Soma Tree Flower and you will get one extra health bar.