Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Complete Next Top LeFou Quest

Next Top LeFou is the final friendship quest available from Gaston. The Players can play this quest after reaching Level 10 Friendship. The Player who owns A Rift in Time expansion can play Gaston’s Friendship quest to level up the Friendship with Gaston. Once the player completes the No One Heroes like Gaston quest then the Next Top LeFou quest will be available in Eternity Isle. Gaston wants a new sidekick and you will help him to get the best sidekick among the other villagers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Next Top LeFou Quest

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Next Top LeFou quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Talking to Potential Sidekicks

Gaston will give you the list of villagers who he wants to be his Sidekick. To become Gaston’s Sidekick, they have to compete for the title. The villagers that Gaston wants to be his new sidekick are the following.

  • Stitch
  • Donald Duck
  • Olaf
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Vanellope

The players have to Talk to potential Sidekicks. Donal Duck can be found in the Ancients landing in The Overlook. Stitch can also be found in The Overlook. Vanellope will found be in The Overlook as well just near the Stitch. Talk to Minnie Mouse and tell her about the official errand. The player has to move into The Grasslands to tell Olaf about Gaston’s new Sidekick Competition.

After the players talk to every villager on the list, talk to Gaston. Gaston will ask to talk to Stitch. The player has to move into The Courtyard to have a chat with Stitch.

Cooking with Stitch watching you

The players have to cook the following recipe.

Hard-Boiled EggsEgg
Scrambled EggsEgg + Cheese
OmeletEgg + Cheese + Milk
CoffeeCoffee Bean
Coconut CakeCoconut + Wheat + Egg + Sugarcane

The players can use any cooking station in the Eternity Isle. Collect all the ingredients for the recipes and start making Meals. Once the players make the meals, bring them to Stitch.

Conquering the nature with Olaf

Move to The Docks in Ancients Landing and talk to Olaf. The quest line will be updated and the players have to remove the items to make Eternity Isle more beautiful. The things that the players have to remove are the following.

  1. 3xGlass stalagmite
  2. 5xSwirling Sands
  3. 5xCopper Rocks
  4. 5xPick up any flowers
Next Top LeFou Quest

Pick up any 5 flowers in the Eternity Isle and start removing the Swirling Sands with the help of Royal Hourglass. The player has to Equip the Pickaxe to start mining the Copper Rocks. Breaking the Copper rocks will provide 1x copper. Use the pickaxe to remove the Stalagmite from the Glittering Dunes. Once the players complete all the tasks, bring the Flower to Olaf.

Completing Dreamlight Duties

The player has to perform three Dreamlight Duties while the Olaf will report to Gaston. Complete any 3 Mist Duties. The Following Mist Duties can also be performed, as there will be a free hand to players whose Mist duties should be completed.

  • The players can talk to any villager and 1 Mist Duty will be complete.
  • Harvest the Dreamlight fruits
  • Harvest Vanilla

Crafting Gastonian Appreciation Stage

Talk to Gaston. Gaston will ask the players to craft the Gastonian Appreciation stage by using any crafting station in the Eternity Isle. Interact with the Crafting station, move into the Furniture section, and select the Gastonian Appreciation Stage. The Crafting materials that are required are the following.

Crafting Gastonian Appreciation Stage

Blue Luminescent Flower and Blue Glass-like Flowers can be collected from The Overlook and The Ruins area in Ancients Landing. Blue Glass-like Flowers can be collected from the plains and The Wastes in the Glittering Dunes biome.

Gaston’s Sidekick

Once the players collect all the Required materials. Use any crafting station to craft the Gastonian Appreciation Stage. Place it in any place in the Eternity Isle. Take a picture of all contestants near the Gastonian Appreciation Stage. Then talk to Gaston, he is not sure which one of them will be his Sidekick. Only Olaf and Stitch are finalists.

Gaston’s Sidekick

Gaston decided Olaf to be his sidekick. The player will Congratulate Olaf for being Gaston’s Sidekick and then talk to Gaston and he will give Gaston’s portrait and the Next Top LeFou quest will be completed.