Disney Dreamlight Valley- No One Heroes Like Gaston

A Rift in Time expansion brings new friendship quests to Disney Dreamlight Valley. No One Heroes Like Gaston is the third friendship quest available from Gaston. Once the player achieves the friendship level of 7 with Gaston, then the NO One Heroes Like Gaston quest will be available to increase the friendship level with Gaston. Gaston wants to make your mindset according to Gaston. You have to dress up, eat, and work out like Gaston.

Disney Dreamlight Valley No One Heroes Like Gaston

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete NO One Heroes Like Gaston Quest.

Mimic Gaston’s Style

Talk to Gaston and he will guide you on how to become his best Sidekick. To have a Gastonian experience, you have to wear some clothes. The following includes the following.

  1. Red Top
  2. Black Pants
  3. Brown Shoes
  4. Any Gloves

Move into Gaston’s wardrobe, select the required clothes, and wear them. Once the player mimics Gaston’s style, talk to Gaston.

Dangerous Breakfast

Now the Player has to eat like Gaston for the workout. The player has to find the dangerous breakfast for Gaston. The breakfast will be found in the Glittering Biome. Glittering Biome in the second biome that a player will unlock while completing The Sands in Hourglass. Use the Royal Hourglass tool and Mist to repair the broken bridge that will make a path to Glittering Dunes Biome and Wild Tangle Biome.

The items that are required for Gaston’s dangerous breakfast are the following.

  • 5x CobraEggs
  • 2x Piranha
Disney Dreamlight Valley Dangerous Breakfast

The piles of cobra eggs will be found on the west side of the Glttering Dunes near the rocky mountain. Once the player finds the Piles of Cobra eggs, approach them and press “X” to pick them up. Three of the Piles of Cobra eggs will be near the wishing well.

Piranha can be found in the Wild Tangle Biome. The Grove is the only area in the Wild Tangle, where the players can obtain the piranha. To unlock The Grove the player will use Mist. Mist can be found by the following methods.

  • Completing Mist Duties, especially collecting the fruits
  • Removing the swirling Sands
  • Clear the splinters of fate

Approach the fishing spot in The Grove. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing two Piranha fishes when the orange ripples show up in the water.

Consuming Gaston’s Breakfast

Once the player collects the dangerous breakfast, give it to Gaston. Gaston will provide the player with 12xCobraeggs and 1xPirnaha to eat them directly. Move into the inventory section and select the Cobra eggs and Piranha and eat them. Each egg will provide you a regain energy of 300 and Piranha will give you an energy boost of 1,900.

Crafting Gaston’s Coconut Gym

Talk to Gaston. The quest line will be updated and the player has to find the following items for Gaston’s gym.

Brass Ingot2
Tropical Wood30

How to Get Coconut

Coconut can be Harvested from the trees in Dazzle Beach in Dreamlight Valley, after completing Burying the Eel quest set by Maui. Each time the player harvests the coconut from the tree, 3xCoconut will be added to the fruit collection. Coconut takes 33 minutes to regrow, upon harvesting.

How to Craft Brass Ingot

Brass Ingot can be obtained at the Timebending Table. Timebending Table is used to craft new materials using the ingredients. To craft Brass Ingot, players must have the following ingredients in the inventory section in Eternity Isle.

  • 3x Copper
  • 2x Zinc
  • 1x Coal Ore
How to Craft Brass Ingot

How to Get Tropical Wood

Tropical Wood can be collected from The Grasslands, which is the area of the Wild Tange biome. When the player enters The Grasslands, the tropical wood can be collected near the trees. Tropical Wood is a foraging material and these materials can only be found on the ground. Tropical wood is spawned more near the root trees. Look at the base near the giant trees.

How to Obtain Stones

Stones can be found while mining the nodes. The player can get the Stones from all the biomes. Simply equip the Pickaxe and start mining the nodes. Break any kind of rock to obtain the stones.

Where to Find Fiber

The players can get the Fiber from the timebending table. The crafting recipe for the fiber is Seaweed that can collected while not fishing in any kind of ripples. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing the Seaweed. Once the player collects the Seaweed. Use any crafting table to make the Fiber.

To craft Gaston’s Coconut Gym, use any crafting table and start crafting after you collect all the crafting recipes for Coconut Gym.

Move to The Plains to order a Queen of the Sea mirror from Scrooge McDuck. Move to the Ancient’s landing and talk to Scrooge McDuck over there and the player will get the Queen of the Sea mirror which will cost 6,400 Star Coins. Place the Gaston’s Coconut Gym and Queen of the Sea mirror in Eternity Isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where to Find Fiber

The player has to invite as well Maui to train with Gaston. Move to the courtyard to talk to him. Meet the Maui and Gaston at the gym. After the Workout take three pictures of Gaston. The player has to give the picture of Gaston to the following.

  1. Rapunzel
  2. Scrooge McDuck
  3. Maui

After giving the pictures, talk to Gaston, and the No One Heroes Like Gaston quest will be completed.