How to beat General Uvishka in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown features many bosses to fight with and some of them give tough time if you are battling unattendly. General Uvishka is the first boss in the game which you can encounter in the main quest named The Battle of Persepolis. You can ensure victory against him pretty easily if you are aware of his attack patterns and phases.

General Uvishka

In this guide, you will see how to beat General Uvishka by learning his attack patterns and phases.

How to beat General Uvishka

You can encounter General Uvishka while following the main questline at the end of The Battle of Persepolis quest. He is mounted on a warhorse with three health bars and the battle takes place in two phases. Learning his attack patterns is the key to victory against him.

Attack Patterns

Following are the attack patterns of General Uvishka while he is battling with you.

  • Spear Swing (On horseback): General Uvishka swings his spear above him and throws at you either way, this attack can be anticipated as the horse makes a sound when he will be going to attack you.
  • AoE Attack (On horseback): He jumps in midair to land the spear on the ground with full effect.
  • Downward Spear Swing: This is the same attack as the Spear Swing but it is from the behind and it can be anticipated by the same horse sound as the spear swing.
  • Spear Lunge: In this attack, he uses both of his hands to charge the spear by pulling it and then lunging it on you.
  • Spear Swing (On foot)
  • AoE Attack (On foot)

Phase 1

General Uvishka Phase One

In Phase One General Uvishka is mounted on the warhorse and attempts many Spear Swing and AoE attacks which ultimately leads him to give an even intensive swing attack which makes him lose his horse when you parry.

  • Maintain Distance: In phase one he fights with you while on his horse. He will jump in midair and give you an AoE attack when landing which you can anticipate by his red glowing eyes. You can get yourself safe from this by maintaining a distance from him and giving him sufficient damage as he arrives back.
  • Parry Swing Attacks: Throughout the battle, he keeps landing swing attacks on you. Keep an eye on it to keep parrying and land the hits as you get the chance.
  • Parry Intensive Swing Attack: As soon as you see his eyes turn glowing yellow it means he is about to give his Intensive Swing Attack. Keep parrying it until he is off from his horse.
General Uvishka fell off his horse

Phase 2

In phase 2 he will be on the ground fighting man to man with you. He seems aggressive but you can get him knocked down while parrying his below attacks.

General Uvishka Phase Two
  • Spear Lunge: He can give you multiple Spear Lunge attacks by pulling the spear with both of his hands and throwing it on you.
  • Spear Swing (On Foot): He also lands a spear swing attack on you while on foot which you can parry.
  • AoE Attack (On Foot): It is an even more deadly attack than the AoE while on horseback. He jumps high in the midair and pushes his spear on the ground with full effect.

These are the attack patterns and phases to beat General Uvishka but unfortunately, there are now rewards for defeating him.