Lethal Company provides maximum chances to avail the weapons and other items during the gameplay, by spending their credits, to use them against the monster or just for amusement. Besides all the items, one unique item is available in the store section: the shower.

Shower Time Lethal Company

Although the shower doesn’t give any benefits to players against the enemies. it’s a refreshing item in the store, with the cost of 180 credits. A maximum of four of the teammates can enjoy the shower at once.

How to acquire

  • Approach the terminal on the ship.
  • Interact with the terminal by “E” key.
  • Type “store”
  • Type “Shower”
  • Use the “Confirm” command and enter.

As the item is acquired, it will be available on the ship. A transparent window glass around the shower makes it pretty, Although the shower can move to the place you want it to be, to make it more decorated.

Shower Time Lethal Company Terminal

Spending 180 credits on this item is pretty pricy.


The shower will be available in the store on a particular week, So, firstly check its availability.

How to use a shower

After the shower is available on the ship after purchasing it, Approach the shower and press “E” to switch the water ON. Taking a bath with the other teammates and using a Boombox for the background music makes this item more worthy of 180 credits.

Does shower save from Ghost girl?

It’s just the theory that showering makes the ghost girl away. It’s not that true. Ghost girl will hunt you down, whether you take the shower, so it’s better to flee when you have an encounter with ghost girl. Showering will not provide any benefit to the player to survive against the ghost girl or other deadly Monsters. However, another theory is that eyeless dogs can hear the sound of water and will hunt you down as move out of the ship after taking a bath. Eyeless dogs have great hearing sensitivity. Well, that’s just another assumption.

So be ready to take a nice bath after the tough raid.