How to activate Statues during The Path to Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy

During your first quest The Path to Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find three Guardian statues in a vault. In this guide, we will discuss how to activate these Guardian statues. So let’s get started with our guide!

Hogwarts Legacy
Photo by Warner Bros

After completing the objective Wake the Globin during the quest The Path to Hogwarts, You will have to follow Professor Fig to reach the door of the vault. First, you will unable to see the door of the vault. Professor Fig will teach you about the Revelio- A revealing charm, after casting Revelio you will see the door of the vault with a specific symbol on it same as on the Portkey container.

Investigate the door and proceed into the vault. After proceeding into the vault, Professor Fig will teach you Lumos- The Wand-Lighting charm. After acquiring Lumos, explore the vault until you will see a glowing area. Go to that glowing area and Investigate it. This will lead you to an area where you will see the Guardian statues but as a reflection on the floor.

Steps to activate the Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Once you are able to see the reflections of the statues, go closer to the reflections of the statues.
  • Cast Revelio, this will unhide all three statues.
  • Now, approach every statue and cast Lumos. Casting Lumos will cause the Guardians to hit their swords on the floor. If you move away from these statues, the statues will get back to their original posture.
  • While casting Lumos you will see light beams on the floor. Each light beam starts from a statue and there is a point where all three light beams intersect each other. Move to that point of intersection.
  • Stand still at the point of the intersection until the statues will get activated.

Note: You will get attacked by these Guardians after you activated these Guardian statues.