Nightingale – How to Co-Op

Nightingale is a survival game in which players have to collect items and materials, craft refined materials and new structures, and complete the main storyline. Nightingale also allows the players to play the game in multiplayer mode as well. Inviting other players in the Realms will make the adventure of each realm more interesting and you can also complete the main story quests with ease. Dividing the tasks to each player will make the progression of the game faster as compared to the solo mode.

Co-Op Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to invite other players to the Realms of Nightingale.

How to Co-Op

Inviting the friends in the Realm is a little bit confusing as you will get puzzled after inviting them to the party. Collecting the items and crafting many recipes will be easy once you invite other players into your realm. At the beginning of the game, you will be completing the tutorial of the Nightingale by exploring the Realms of the Fae world. After exploring the forest realm, swamp realm, and desert realm the tutorial will be completed.

Press the ESC button after the tutorial and move into the Party & Social section from the top of the screen. You can see your name and a number on the popup menu. There are no Steam invites currently. You need to type the name of your friend or other player below the Find Players. Press the Enter button and press LMB on the Invite option. Clicking on the invite option will only let your friend enter the party, not the Realm. After they accept the invitation, you need to go blow their character portraits.

Nightingale Co-Op

You need to invite them to the realm under your character in the Party & Social menu. You can see the other empty slots on the right side of your character. To invite friends, you need to be out of the tutorial and the menu as well. The menu will pop up when your friends are in the world not on the menu. Clicking on the accept option will let your friends be in your realm.

How To Co-Op Nightingale

Everyone through the tutorial, search for the players and invite them to your party. The player that’s hosting sends the invites out to everyone in the world and after accepting the invite the other players will join the realm. Invite your friends to your realm and experience the adventure of the Nightingale by playing Co-Op mode.