Nightingale – How to Get Estate Cairn

Making progress in Nightingale urges the players to collect items and materials, complete the main story quest, and build the base in the Realm to place the items and structures in it. One of the essential structures that players have to build before building the base is Estate Cairn. The base will be built around the Estate Cairn. Estate Cairn will make the area safe to make the base close to it. Placing the Estate Cairn on the ground of the Realm will somehow decrease the aggression of the animals or any other creature near it.

Estate Cairn Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Build Estate Cairn in Nightingale.

How to Build Estate Cairn

To build the estate cairn, players have to gather the required materials used for building it. Once the players complete the tutorial, the first realm that players will explore during the tutorial and after the tutorial is the forest realm. The forest realm being the first realm will have almost all the required materials that players have to obtain to craft or build the new structures and refined materials. To build the base in the forest realm, first players have to build the estate cairn.

Required Materials to Build Estate Cairn

The required materials for building the estate cairn are the following that can obtained from the forest realm.

  1. 5x Stone Blocks
  2. 20x Rocks

Stone blocks will be obtained by mining the stones in the realms. Breaking the annular-shaped stones will provide the players with 5 to 6 stone blocks at a time. Mining pick will be used to mine the stones. These sandstones can be found near the Rocky Mountains in the realm. Simply craft the pickaxe and start breaking the sandstones in the areas of the Fae world. The players can get the rocks by simply collecting them from the ground of the realm. The rock pits can be found anywhere in the realm, especially around the mountains. Each time collecting the rock pits will provide the players with 5 to 7 rocks.

How to get Estate Cairn Nightingale

Once the players collect the required materials to build the Estate Cairn, simply open the guidebook by pressing the “B” button and move into the building section to select the Estate Cairn from the Estate category. Select the Place option to place the raw structure of the estate cairn on the ground of the realm. Press the “E” button to add resources in it to build the Estate Cairn.

Before placing the Estate Cairn on the ground, check the suitable place for it as the players will build the base close to it. To keep the inventory balance, place the materials and items near the Estate Cairn in the base. The players will be able to succumb by using the Estate Cairn. Estate structure is one of the starting structures that players have to build right after completing the tutorial.