Nightingale – How to Get All Makeshift Tools

Acquiring the tools or weapons is essential for making progress in the Nightingale. Some of the materials and items require tools to be obtained. Breaking the nodes to obtain the materials like stone blocks by using the pickaxe, cutting the trees to obtain the wood with the help of an Axe is necessary for the game, and killing the animals to get meat and bones with a hunting knife will urge the players to craft all makeshift tools in the early hours of the game. The players can defeat the enemies with the help of makeshift tools in the realms.

Makeshift Tools Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Craft All Makeshift Tools in Nightingale.

How to Get All Makeshift Tools

With the help of organic materials, players can craft the Makeshift tools at the beginning of the game. The players can get the required materials from the realms of the Fae world. It is recommended to obtain the organic materials from the forest realm as many of the required materials can be achieved from there and exploring other realms are bit difficult, especially like Desert Realm. The players do not need a workbench to craft the makeshift tools.

The players have to get the following required materials for crafting each tool of the Makeshift section. The players have to collect the following required materials in maximum amounts to craft all the makeshift tools.

How to Get Materials for Makeshift Tools

Plant fiber can be obtained by harvesting the bushes in the Forest realm, swamp realm, and desert realm. The appearance of these plant fiber bushes changes in every realm. Once the players approach any bush a green icon will appear on the screen and harvesting these bushes will provide the players with plant fiber. Each of the bushes will not give the plant fiber.

Rocks can be obtained by simply collecting the pit of rocks. These rocks can be found near any Rocky Mountains. Collecting each of the rocks will provide the players with 4 to 6 rocks. Explore the realms of the world to gather the maximum number of rocks in the inventory.

Makeshift tools also require Sticks that are all scattered in the realms of the Nightingale. Harvesting the small bushes or plants will provide the players with the maximum number of sticks. Each of these required materials can be collected from any of the realms.

Nightingale Makeshift Tools

Crafting the Makeshift tools

To obtain the makeshift tools, players have to craft them from the crafting section which will be opened from the Guidebook. Move into the makeshift section from the crafting portion and choose the tool that should be crafted. Once the players gather all the required materials in the maximum amount, each of the makeshift tools will be crafted with ease. To craft each of the Makeshift tools, players have to gather the following materials in the required amount.

Makeshift ToolsRequirement
Makeshift Mining Pick3x Rocks + 6x Plant fiber + 3x Sticks
Makeshift Hunting Knife3x Rocks + 6x Plant fiber + 3x Sticks
Makeshift Torch5x Plant Fiber + 5x Sticks
Makeshift Wood Axe3x Rocks + 3x Sticks + 6x Plant Fiber
Makeshift Sickle3x Rocks + 6x Plant Fiber + 3x Sticks

The players must have 29x Plant fiber, 12x Rocks, and 17x Sticks in the inventory to craft all the makeshift tools. Once the players Get the Makeshift tools, they will be added to the inventory. Place the tools in the quick inventory slot to equip them quickly whenever necessary.