Nightingale – How to Make Roasted Meat

Making progress in Nightingale urges the players to collect items, and materials and complete the main story quest. To perform any task, players must have stamina and a lower hunger level. Consuming the roasted meat will let the players gain stamina and decrease their hunger. Cooking the roasted meat using the campfire and eating it directly will enhance the chance of their survival in the gameplay. Rather than cooking the roasted meat, players can also cook roasted berries using the campfire.

Roasted Meat Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Make Roasted Meat in Nightingale.

How to Make Roasted Meat

The players can cook the roasted meat once the campfire is built in the realms of the nightingale. The players can build the campfire while completing the tutorial. While collecting the Raw berries in the tutorial, players will be able to collect the rocks from the Rocky Mountain area. To build the campfire, players must have 6x Rocks. Upon collecting the Rocks, move into the building section by opening the Guidebook by pressing the “B” key and players have to Select the Campfire and place it on the ground.

Once the players build the campfire collect the 1x Meat by killing the animals in the realms. The forest realm is the first realm that players will explore at the beginning of the game using the axe, pickaxe, or other makeshift tools to kill the animals. Hunting the animals in the Nightingale will provide the players with bones, hide, and meat. The players can craft these weapons or tools at the beginning of the game by using the initial materials found in the realms.

Making Roasted Meat

After obtaining the meat, interact with the campfire by pressing “E” and add the plant fiber, sticks, or wood as fuel to ignite the campfire to cook. After adding the fuel, interact with the campfire again, and to make the roasted meat, select the recipe of roasted meat and Press
“R” button to start cooking. The roasted meat will be prepared after 12 to 15 seconds. The players can consume it directly as it will be added to the inventory in the meal section. Consuming the Roasted meat will provide the players with the following perks.

  • Enhance 15.7 Health power
  • Gives 20 hunger MG
  • 1x Stamina with each second

Simply build the campfire and collect the meat by killing the animals and utilizing the meat to make roasted meat in the Nightingale.