Nightingale – How to Acquire Healing Salve

Collecting the materials, and items, killing the deadly animals, and completing the main storyline of Nightingale will make the player lose their HP. To regenerate the HP, Players have to make Healing Salve using the campfire. Healing Salve will keep generating the health power of the players whenever required. It is best to Make the Healing salve at the beginning of the game to increase the chances of survival. Healing salve in the inventory will keep the character healthy and active during the gameplay.

Healing Salve Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Make Healing Salve in Nightingale.

How to Acquire Healing Salve

The players can get the healing salve by crafting it on the campfire. The players first have to craft the campfire. The campfire can be built at the beginning of the game as the players require only 6x Rock to build it. Rocks can be obtained from the forest realms which is the first realm of the Fae world. Build the campfire to craft new items, and materials and also cook recipes like roasted meat.

To craft the Healing Salve, players have to gather the required materials. The required materials can be collected while exploring the forest realm or any other realm. It is recommended to gather the materials from the forest realm as many of the required materials in the game can be collected from here. The players have to collect the following materials to make Healing Salve.

Plant fiber can be obtained by harvesting the bushes in the realms of the Fae world. The appearance of these plant fiber bushes will change from realm to realm. However, the appearance of these bushes in the forest realm and swamp realm remains the same. The players can obtain the bones by killing the animals. Axe, Simple mining pick, and other makeshift tools are required to murder the animals in the realms. Upon killing the animals, players will be granted bones, meat, and hide.

Nightingale Healing Salve

Upon collecting the required materials, interact with the campfire and add the fuel to ignite the campfire. Plant fiber, sticks, or wood can be used for ignition. Interact with the Campfire again, select the recipe for the Healing salve, and add the ingredients required for making the healing salve. Healing Salve will take 10 seconds to be ready. After 5 seconds of usage, players will get the 10x Health regeneration. The players can cook other recipes by interacting with the campfire which will affect their survival positively.