Palworld – How to Get Shield

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various Pals in the World of Palworld that deal damage, but there are some big Pals that deal higher damage. To prevent the high damage, players must have a Shield that will absorb the damage and protect the main health of the player. To survive in Palworld, players must have at least a common shield that acts as basic armor.

Shield Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to craft a Shield in Palworld.

How to Get Shield

Players have to unlock the common shield which is the Technology level 4 item. There are a total of four different levels of shields in Palworld that the players will unlock once they reach the specific level of the specific shield. Players have to reach level 4 to unlock the common shield by using 2 points of the Technology. The players can level up by catching more Pals and collecting Ores.

The common shield is a curious shield that is made by using Paldium technology. Move into the technology section and learn the recipe of Shield by unlocking it with the help of 2 points of technology. The shield will be crafted at the Primitive bench. The required materials are the following that will be used to craft Shield.

  • 10x Fiber
  • 10x Paldium Fragment
  • 20x Wood
  • 20x Stone

Wood can be obtained while cutting the trees and punching the trees and it drops the wood. Stone can be obtained by mining the nodes with the help of a stone pickaxe in any biome in the Palworld.

How to Get Shield Palworld

Once the players collect the required materials, interact with the Primitive workbench to craft the shield. Once crafted, go into the inventory, grab the shield, and place it into the player’s shield portion. You can see the blue bar in the bottom left corner just above the HP. It is a common shield that will protect you but the shield will not bear the high damage coming from big Pals or during the boss fight yet it will protect the player’s Main HP for some time.

Once the player deals the damage, the Shield will lose its power and it will automatically regenerate when taking no damage. Move to the safe area where there will be no chance of damage, the shield will regenerate itself after some time. The other method from where the players can regenerate the shield quickly is by sleeping on the Shoddy Bed. This will help the shield to quickly come to its original state.

There are many other shields that the players will unlock when they reach their specific level. The other shield will also be crafted at the Primitive workbench.

Common ShieldLevel 4
Mega ShieldLevel 16
Giga ShieldLevel 28
Hyper ShieldLevel 43

The players have to level up and obtain a powerful shield to survive in the world of Palworld and explore more.