How to get Line Gun in Dead Space Remake 2023

In this guide, you will find how to get the Line Gun in the Dead Space Remake 2023.

What is Line Gun

The line gun is super effective in order to handle Packs Lurkers and other Necromorphs. It’s not hard to kill a pack in one shot with a line gun. It fires in the horizontal beam of energy. It can be used to cutting down rocks and ores just like the plasma cutter. It requires 9000 credits to get it.

What is Line Gun

Where to find the Line Gun

There are two options to get the Line Gun. The first one is to get a line gun in Chapter 4 in the Emergency Storage Room just after the level 2 security clearance. You will find this room in the medical deck of the Ishimura Clinic.

But if you don’t get it in chapter 4 then you still have a chance to get it in Chapter 5 Lethal Devotion. You should have encountered the new enemy.

Where to find the Line Gun

You can get the line gun in the emergency storage room right after Hammond gives you clearance security. Once you enter the room you will see the line gun around the blood area.

Line Gun Upgrades

There are a total of three upgrades in the Line Gun.

Ionized Capacitor

An ionized Capacitor upgrade can be done once you purchase it in 11,500 credits. But first, you must have the Line Gun to purchase it.

Photon Energizer

In able to do the Photon Energizer upgrade you must have Level 3 Clearance to open the door lock of lab storage. It can be found inside the crates in the room.

Precision Lazer

It can also be found in the crate inside the Hydroponics Hallway. But the Master Override is required to open the crate.