How to unlock Impossible Mode in Dead Space Remake 2023

There are many difficulty levels in the Dead Space Remake 2023. Impossible Mode is the hardest difficulty level of Dead Space Remake 2023. In this guide, we will discuss the Impossible Mode, how to unlock Impossible Mode, tips to complete the Impossible Mode, and the rewards of Impossible Mode.

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Features of Difficulty: Impossible Mode

Impossible Difficulty mode is the hardest difficulty mode to play in Dead Space Remake 2023. It is a special challenge mode, you will earn a unique suit and weapon by completing Impossible Mode.

This difficulty mode has the same damage settings as Hard Difficulty, but AutoSaves are disabled; only one save slot is available, and one life. Dying prompts, a full restart, or continuing on Hard Difficulty.

How to unlock Impossible Mode

Impossible Mode remains locked until you are not able to unlock this mode. To unlock the Impossible Mode, you must have to clear the game with High difficulty first. Once you are done with the Hard difficulty mode, you can test your gaming skills with the most difficult mode of this game.

Tips for Impossible mode

There are some tips to play in Impossible mode, that will be very helpful for you to clear this hardest mode. These tips are the following:

  • Use a weapon that is comfortable for you, but Pulse Rifle is recommended because of its versatility.
  • Try to use only one weapon and upgrade it throughout the gameplay.
  • Use Kinesis Module to attack enemies with objects to save ammo.
  • First, get an aim at your enemy and then fire, this will result in fast damage to your enemies.
  • Keep a number of Health packs with you to stay alive.
  • Use the save slot in the best way as there is only one save slot in this mode.
  • Keep upgrading suits and weapons throughout the gameplay.

Rewards on completion of Impossible Mode

You will be awarded many amazing rewards on the completion of Impossible Mode.

  • Untouchable Gold Trophy
  • 50000 Credits
  • 10 Power Nodes
  • Text Logs
  • Advance Soldier RIG [Level 6] Suit
  • Burnished Suit
  • Hand Canon