How to open Eyeball Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

You will find many treasure chests while exploring Hogwarts. You can open these chests simply by interacting with these chests. You will get some rewards after opening these treasure chests.

Eyeball is also a chest that gives a reward when you open this Eyeball chest, but it is different to open the Eyeball chest from the other treasure chests. In this guide, we will discuss how to open Eyeball Chest in Hogwarts Legacy. So let’s get started with our guide!

open Eyeball Chest

What is Eyeball Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Eyeball Chest is a chest with a big Eyeball on it. You will not be able to open this chest until you are visible to that eyeball chest.

open Eyeball Chest

How to open Eyeball Chest

To open the Eyeball chest, you will have to get invisible, so the Eyeball chest cannot be able to see you. To get invisible, you will have to cast the Disillusionment spell by going far away from the Eyeball chest.

Note: If you cast a Disillusionment spell in front of the Eyeball chest, it will be useless to do because still, the Eyeball chest will remain closed.


You will get 500 Gold Galleons after opening each Eyeball chest. You can use these Gold Galleons to purchase the different necessary items of the game.

How to unlock the Disillusionment spell

You will not be able to use or cast the Disillusionment spell from the beginning of the game. To cast the Disillusionment spell you will have to first learn and unlock the Disillusionment spell.

open Eyeball Chest

To unlock the Disillusionment spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to complete the main story quest Secrets of the Restricted Section.