How To Sell Items in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can have different gears and items with you to use throughout the gameplay. As there is a limited space to keep the items so you need to get rid of some either by destroying them or selling them. In this guide, you will see how you can sell your items for Gold Galleons.

How To Sell Items in Hogwarts Legacy

As the player needs money to help pay tuition, and supplies, and purchase new spells and magical items to help you in your magical adventures it is better to sell the extra items rather than destroying to save space for more gears.

How to sell items in Hogwarts Legacy

Throughout the gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find out different chests from which you can have many different tiered gear items which you can equip. The problem is that you only have limited space for gear items, so to equip the player with higher-tier items you have to make some space either by destroying some items or selling them in return for Gold Galleons. As the player needs money for different purposes so it is better to sell them to have money rather than destroy them to make space.

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To sell items, go to any shop in the village of Hogsmeade. After entering the shop, you need to interact with the merchant to change the section from Buy to Sell by pressing the R1 button on your controller. In the gear section, you can see the total value of your items as well as the value of individual items you are having. To sell a particular item you need to select that item and then confirm it to sell. By selling the items, you can make space for new items and get Gold Galleons as well.