Merlin Trials Hogwart Legacy: How To Solve Merlin Trials

Merlin Trials are puzzles which you can be found in different regions in Hogwarts Legacy Map. Upon completing them, you will get extra Gear Inventory Slots which solves your problem to destroy or selling items due to shortage of Inventory slots. You can see these puzzles on the map as “White Feathers” in different regions.
In this guide, you will know how to get started with Merlin Trials.

How to unlock Merlin Trials

By getting through the main story line of the Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet Natty besides Lower Hogsfield for the quest Trials of Merlin. After completing Trials of Merlin quest, Merlin Trials would get discoverable. Each time to start a Merlin Trial puzzle you need Mallowsweet leaves and a specific spell. After meeting Nora Treadwell, she will gift you 5 Mallowsweet leaves which you can use to get started with first Merlin Trial.

How to get Mallowsweet leaves for Merlin Trials

Nora Treadwell’s trunk to get Mallowsweet leaves from.

There are two ways to get Mallowsweet leaves to start Merlin Trial Puzzles.

By purchasing Mallowsweet leaves from vendors

You can purchase Mallowsweet leaves from different vendors in Highlands. Below is a table of them with their locations.

Vendor to purchase Mallowsweet leavesLocation of Vendor
The Magic NeepHogsmeade
Leopold BabcockeHogsmeade Station
ArnHogwarts Valley
Vendor to purchase Mallowsweet leaves

If these vendors are not having the Mallowsweet leaves in stock there is another option to get them.

By Growing Mallowsweet leaves in Greenhouse

If you are not able to get the Mallowsweet leaves from vendors, you can grow them in Greenhouse by purchasing the ability of grow Mallowsweet from The Magic Neep from Hogsmeade. To unlock the ability to Grow Mallowsweet, you need to complete your first Herbology class.