Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- How to Switch Jobs of Your Characters

Changing the Jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is essential to upgrade the stats of the characters. The players have to change their jobs to learn different skills, abilities, and combos. Customize the party and make the most powerful combinations by unlocking the Jobs. Each job will be switched after unlocking it by completing the Substory. Ranking up a job permanently upgrades the player’s party and unlocks the skills. The players will get access to the job after completing the main stories and substories of the specific Chapter in the game.

Switch Jobs Like a Dragon infinite Wealth

Here’s the guide on How to Change the Jobs of your Character in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Change Jobs of Your Character

The players have to complete the “Let’s Get Alo-Happy” substory to use the Skill Inheritance. The Skill Inheritance will allow the players to transmit the skills or abilities through the Character’s Jobs. The players will unlock the Jobs after completing the main objectives and substories. “Let’s Get Alo-Happy” is the substory in the game that players will complete at the end of chapter 5.

The players can get access to many of the jobs for the characters from there. The minimum fee for the job will be $200 and the maximum fee for any job will be $1,600. There are Hawaii Jobs and Japan Jobs that the players have to unlock with the help of money and personality Levels. The players can open their party menu at the job screen but the jobs cannot be changed from here, it just shows which characters have which jobs available.

Once the Jobs are unlocked, the players can switch jobs from their characters by moving into the Alo-Happy Booth of the Alo-Happy Tourism Center in Honolulu. To change the Jobs, players have to interact with the Booth, choose the “Change Jobs” option from the list, and choose the character for that specific job. Once the new job for any character is selected, the outfit of the character will also be changed. Some of the outfits can be equipped at any time without changing the jobs as these outfits will be the default.

Like a Dragon infinite Wealth Switch Jobs

The players have to move into the booth of the Alo-Happy Tourism Center to change or switch jobs. Jobs cannot be changed from the main menu. There are three total tourism centers in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth from where the players can change the Jobs of characters to learn new skills, combos, and Skill inheritance.