Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- How to Build Furnishings and Lodgings on Dondoko Island

Collecting all kinds of resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and selling them at the Matayosha’s shop to earn Thousands of Dokobucks is essential for restoring the popularity of Dondoko Island. Building new Lodgings and Furnishings will help the players to raise the popularity of Dondoko Island. Increasing the level is essential for the players. The players can level up by beating the Washbucklers, gathering new materials and resources, and amusing the guests. Building the new Lodgings and Furnishings helps the players to raise their Level as well.

Like a Dragon infinite Wealth Furnishings and Lodgings

Here’s the guide on How to build new Lodgings and Furnishings on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Build Lodgings and Furnishings

The Lodgings and Furnishings on Dondoko Island are unlocked at certain levels. Each Lodging and Furnishings are accessible at the specific Level. Once they are unlocked, players can craft these structures at the DIY crafting table. The players should gather new materials, items, new resources, mine the nodes, remove the trash (enemies), and sell the valuable resources to the Matayoshi’s shop. Some of the resources are required to craft new Lodgings and Furnishings. The players earn more Dokobucks and increase their level by selling the resources and participating in other activities. New Loadings and Furnishings will be unlocked as your level increases.

The players can Purchase the Furnishings from the Matayoshi and the Lodgings can be purchased from the Kenzo. Kenzo will also be available in the Matayohsi’s shop. The players must have enough Dokobucks to purchase the new Lodgings and Furnishings. Each of them has different prices.

After unlocking the new lodgings and furnishings from Matayoshi’s shop, interact with the DIY crafting table to craft the new structures on Dondoko Island. After interacting with the DIY crafting table, choose the structures from the different categories. Building the new structures requires the resources that players will learn after unlocking the structures at Matayoshi’s shop. Build the Lodgings or Furnishings by utilizing the gathered resources. Once the crafting is done, the structure will be stored in the bag and it can be placed in any area by opening the bag. 

Furnishings and Lodgings Like a Dragon infinite Wealth

The structures are placed in the bag from the Edit menu. To get passive income, players can open the bag and select the newly built Lodging or furnishings and place them in a suitable area on Dondoko Island. The players have to amuse and satisfy the guests, building these new Lodgings and Furnishings will allow the players to Level up their character and entertain the guests which will directly affect the popularity of Dondoko Island. The player’s goal is to achieve the five-star rank. Building new structures will help the players to progress to reaching the Five-star rank. When the new rank is achieved, new lodgings and Furnishings will be unlocked.

Unlock these structures from Matayoshi’s shop, learn the recipe for each of them, and build new Lodgings and Furnishings by interacting with a DIY crafting table.