Palworld- How to Build Wheat Plantation

Wheat Plantation is the structure in the Palworld that will allow the players to obtain an infinite amount of wheat. Wheat is used in several dishes while cooking using the Cooking Pot. The players and Pals can consume the wheat to end the hunger and it will keep the character and Pals healthy. The players have to Build Wheat Plantation to increase the base level as it is one of the base missions in the Palworld.

Wheat Plantation Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Build a Wheat Plantation in Palworld.

How to Build Wheat Plantation

Wheat Plantation is the Technology Level 15 item that the players will unlock once they reach Level 15. The players can level up by catching Pals at least 30 pals, Collecting Ores, mining rocks, and completing the base missions. The players will unlock the Wheat Plantation structure by using two points of the technology.

The players can obtain the Technology Points by killing Boss Pals in the World and the dungeons. After unlocking the Wheat Plantation, the players will discover the recipe for building the wheat plantation. Open the Build Menu, move into the Food section, and select the Wheat plantation to place it on the ground in the World of Palworld.

The Players have to collect the following required materials to build the Wheat Plantation.

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees and punching the trees will also drop the wood. Stone can be obtained by mining the nodes with the help of Pickaxe which is one of the staring tools in the Palworld. The players can obtain the Weed seeds directly from the merchants or kill the Pals like Flopie, Bristla, and Dinossom.

Build Wheat Plantation Palworld

How to Get Wheat using the Wheat Plantation

Interact with Wheat Plantation after building it. The players have to plant the wheat seeds in the Wheat Plantation and then water them. After watering the seeds, Players have to wait for the wheat to grow and harvest them. The players have to assign specific Pals to do the work on the wheat plantation. Each of the Pals will perform a separate task assigned to them. The players can assign the Bristla to plant the seeds, Azurobe to water the seeds and Chillet will be harvesting the wheat. If the Wooden chest is available in the Base, Katress will place all the harvested wheat inside the Wooden chest.