Fire Emblem Engage – Chapter 2 Queen Lumera Walkthrough

As the game proceeds, in chapter 2 the players have to get their Queen mother into the battle. She is a friendly character that would get into the battle to make sure that the units have not lost their battle abilities while sleeping for 1000 years.

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Chapter 2(Queen Lumera) Walkthrough

Units have to fight with the queen twice throughout this chapter. These battles teach the players to make use of the Marth and the other Emblems they gained throughout Fire Emblem Engage.

The first fight with Queen Lumera

The first fight with Queen Lumera is quite easy, she won’t bring any emblem character or give much damage to players. The only lesson for the players in this fight will be to raise their emblem energy by standing still on the blue glowing spots at the end of their turns.

The only character at this point who possesses the emblem is Alear. She needs to stand in the blue glowing spots to bring out her Emblem Character Marth. Players only need to surround and take her out as quickly as possible as she is not bringing any Emblem character out.

The second fight with Queen Lumera

In the second fight with Lumera, she would be bringing her Emblem character Siguard by using Emblem Ring of Holy Knight, it would also be quite an easy fight.

As the fight started, take out the Fabrication. A single attack from Clanne would be enough to kill him at low difficulty. If playing at higher difficulty, Alear can use the Emblem energy to kill him easily. Now, use Vander and Framme to get the Terrain effect by using Thickets in the garden. Terrain effect will help you to cover, dodge and block the attack of spear and archer.

Now head to Queen Lumera, as she is using Emblem energy to bring Siguard, use the Rapier weapon of Marth to take out both of the Fabrications with the horses.

Chapter 2(Queen Lumera) Walkthrough

Use Marth and Vander to attack her, after giving a couple of damages to her, she would be down and the battle would be over.

Collectibles in Second Chapter of Fire Emblem Engage

After the battle, Divine Dragon will receive Liberation.

In Exploration mode, you will get the following items in the garden.

  • 2x Berries
  • 20x Iron Ingot

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