Fire Emblem Engage – Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game. The background of the story is that “One Thousand years ago a Fell Dragon Somborn had a hold on the land of Elyos. But after, this Fell Dragon was sealed by a group of powerful warriors. This bought peace to Elyos. Now, the seal that is holding back the Fell Dragon Somborn has begun to weaken.”

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Chapter 3 Hostilities

The main goal of this game is to seek out the 12 Emblem Rings, for the peace of Elyos.

Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough

Chapter 3 Hostilities will start with a cut scene, in which you will see that the Divine Dragon Alear saw a bad dream. After the Divine Dragon awakes, Divine Dragon will hear a sound of attack at Vault castle. After the units will reach the attacked spot, they will come to know that the enemies attacked the castle to get the Emblem Rings. You will have to protect the Emblem Rings by defeating your enemies.

Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough

You will have to engage the battle with enemies, who will use Lance, and also with the flying enemies.

Battle tips you should know; before the battle gets started

  • Units holding swords are strong against units holding an axe.
  • Units holding an axe are strong against units holding a lance.
  • Units holding a lance are strong against units holding a sword.
  • Martial arts or arrow attack is strong against range units.
  • Magic units are strong against armored units.

Pro battle tip: Units gain the XP according to the number of units they will kill. So, try to use a maximum number of characters in the battle.

In the first Player Phase, you will have to kill the enemies holding a lance with the help of a unit holding an axe. Vander will be the best option to attack with. Once you will be able to kill these enemies, you will see the flying enemies. Meanwhile, you will be able to recruit 3 new characters to your party.

Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough
  • Etie is a Ranged unit, who is an archer and strong against the flying units.
  • Boucheron is a Melee unit, who is an Axe fighter. He is strong against flying units and also has backup.
  • Alfred is a Mounted unit.
Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough

In the second Player Phase, use Alfred or Vander to attack the enemies holding a lance. For the flying enemies use Etie. Use the Divine dragon Alear for the follow-up attacks. Once you will defeat these enemies. You will have to fight with the boss enemy Abyme, who is an armored unit. Use the Clanne to fight with this boss enemy as Clanne is a Magic unit and strong against the armored units.

Chapter 3 will be cleared after you will kill all these enemies.

Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough