Fire Emblem Engage – Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game. The background of the story is that “One Thousand years ago a Fell Dragon Somborn had a hold on the land of Elyos. But after, this Fell Dragon was sealed by a group of powerful warriors. This bought peace to Elyos. Now, the seal that is holding back the Fell Dragon Somborn has begun to weaken.”

The main goal of this game is to seek out the 12 Emblem Rings, for the peace of Elyos.

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Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom

In this walkthrough, we will discuss Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom. So, let’s get started!

Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom Walkthrough

Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom

What is Somniel

In chapter 4 A Land in Bloom, You will get access to an island named “Somniel”. Somniel is a safe island where you can interact with the characters. Learn more about Somniel in this guide Exploring Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage.

Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom

Features of Somniel

You can give gifts to the units for better relationships. You can also upgrade the bonds with the Emblems by doing this kind of thing. Support conversations will help you to increase the unit’s support level. Units with support levels gain stat bonuses when standing adjacent to one another in battles. You can collect different eatables i.e. fruits from the garden. You can also sleep and watch cut scenes in your room. Addition activities and areas of Somniel will unlock as you progress to the story.

Battle walkthrough of A Land in Bloom

You will get three new units into your party before the battle. These three units are the following:

  1. Louis is an Armored unit.
  2. Chloe is a Flying unit.
  3. Alfred’s little sister Celine is a strong Fire Emblem Engage magic user with the Emblem Celica.

In this battle, your goal is to defeat the Boss enemy Rodline.

Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom

Equip the Sigurd Ring to the Alfred character.

At the start of the battle, you will have the option to swap spaces of your characters. So, try to position the slow units on the front lines.

Try not to kill any enemy with the help of Vander, as Vander already gained more XP than other units. So, try to use other new units in the battle to increase their XP.

First of all, kill all magic enemy units with the help of Chloe, who has high magic resistance, before they can get to Louis.

There are enemies to the east side and to the north side. There is an armored unit in each direction. Try to use a Magic unit against armored enemy units as the Magic units are strong against the armored units. Clanne will be the best option against the armored enemy units.

Attack the north with Alear, Boucheron, and Clanne and east with the Alfred, Etie, and Framme.

The Draconic Time Crystal is an item that allows you to rewind actions. You will be able to use the rewind feature to rewind the actions taken by you, in case of any mistake during the battle.

Chapter 4 A Land in Bloom

Obtainable Items in Battle

Following are the items that you will obtain in battle.

Obtainable Items in Battle
Hand Axe
2000 Gold
10000 Gold

Obtainable Items in Exploration Mode

The following items can be obtained in exploration mode.

Obtainable Items in Exploration Mode
Iron Ingot (Material)
Orange (Ingredient)
Eggs (Ingredient)
Tomato (Ingredient)
Rare Fruit (Ingredient)
Elyosian Sheep (Animal)
Calisson Chicken (Animal)
Elyosian Dog (Animal)
Mere Donkey (Animal)