Nightingale – How to Get Shaft

One of the essential refined materials that the players have to craft is the Shaft. The shaft is used in crafting the mechanical gears. Surviving in the Fae world where players have to obtain refined items and craft new structures to complete the main storylines of the Nightingale required to craft all the necessary items and crafting the shaft is the key point of progression in the game. Shaft being a refined material cannot be crafted from the guidebook, players have to craft the structure to unlock the recipe for the shaft.

Nightingale Shaft

Here’s the guide on How to Craft the Shaft in Nightingale.

How to Get Shaft

To craft the shaft, the players must have the Ingot in the inventory. Obtaining the ingot will let the players build the Simple Smelter first. Shaft being a refined material will only be crafted at the Simple Smelter. A simple smelter is the structure is the nightingale that can be purchased from the essence trader. Press the “M” key to open the Map. You can see the location of the essence trader on the map. To purchase the simple saw table, players from the essence trader, players must have enough essence dust. The essence dust can be extracted from the gathered items or materials in the inventory. A simple Smelter can be purchased with 55 essence dust.

To build the Simple smelter, players must have the following required materials in the inventory.

  1. 4x Stone Blocks
  2. 6x Rocks

How to Obtain the Required Materials

How to get shaft Nightingale

Stone blocks will be obtained by mining the stones in the realms. Breaking the annular-shaped stones will provide the players with 5 to 6 stone blocks at a time. Mining pick will be used to mine the stones. These sandstones can be found near the Rocky Mountains in the realm. Simply craft the pickaxe and start breaking the sandstones in the areas of the Fae world. The players can get the rocks by simply collecting them from the ground of the realm. The rock pits can be found anywhere in the realm, especially around the mountains. Each time collecting the rock pits will provide the players with 5 to 7 rocks.

Once the players gather all the required materials, press the “E” button to build the simple smelter. To obtain the ingot players have to collect the Ores. Ores can be obtained by simply mining the big shiny nodes that are all scattered in the realms. The Ore nodes can also be found near the respite close to the river. The Ores can be Tin.

Crafting the Shaft

After collecting the Ores, interact with the simple smelter and select the Ingot from the refinement section. Add the Ores in the Ingredient slots to craft the Ingot. 2x Ores are required to craft 1x Ingot. To craft the Shaft, interact with the simple smelter and select the Shaft from the refinement section. Add 2x Ingot to obtain 1x Shaft in the Ingredient slots. Craft the Shaft using the simple smelter structure and upgrade the inventory, tools, and base in the nightingale. Crafting the Shaft is similar to the crafting of Wire, which is also a refined material. The quality of the shaft depends on the type of Ores. Two types of Ores can be used for crafting the Ingot, it can be Tin or zinc.