Nightingale – How to Get Lumber

One of the essential refined materials that players have to Craft after crafting the Antiquarian Card is the Lumber. Lumber is used in crafting many recipes and building new structures like Simple Mortar Station. Most of the players will get confused between the lumber and the wood bundles. Lumber is crafted from the wood bundle but wood bundle cannot be obtained from the lumber. The players must have enough wood bundles to Craft the lumber but do not use all the wood bundles for crafting the lumber as the wood bundle is required in crafting other recipes as well.

Nightingale Lumber

Here’s the guide on How to Craft Lumber in Nightingale.

How to Get Lumber

Once the players obtain the antiquarian card, the recipe for the lumber will be unlocked. To craft the lumber, players first have to purchase the Simple Saw Table from the essence trader. To find the location of the essence trader, Press the “M” key to open the Map. You can see the location of the essence trader on the map. To purchase the simple saw table, players from the essence trader, players must have enough essence dust. The essence dust can be extracted from the gathered items or materials in the inventory. Move into the location of the essence trader and purchase the simple saw table.

Required materials for Building the Simple Saw Table

Place the raw structure of the simple saw table on the ground of the realm and press the “E” to add resources to build it. Gather the following required materials to build the simple saw table to craft the lumber utilizing it.

Wood bundles can be obtained by cutting the trees with the help of Axe in the realms. It is best to cut the trees in the forest realm as there are many trees scattered in it. Each time cutting the trees will provide the players with 4 to 6 wood bundles.

How to get Lumber Nightingale

Stone blocks will be obtained by mining the stones in the realms. Breaking the annular-shaped stones will provide the players with 5 to 6 stone blocks at a time. Mining pick will be used to mine the stones. These sandstones can be found near the Rocky Mountains in the realm. Simply craft the pickaxe and start breaking the sandstones in the areas of the Fae world.

To get the animal fiber, players must the meat in the inventory. To get the meat, equip the makeshift tools or hunting knife and kill the animals in the realms. Each time killing the animals will provide the players with bones, meat, and hide. Use the simple tanning station to craft the animal fiber.

Once the players collect all the required materials for building the simple saw table, press the “E” button to add resources. After the players build the simple saw table, interact with it, and select the lumber from the refinement section. Place the wood bundle in the ingredient slot and press the “R” button to craft the lumber. The players can make the Simple Enchanter’s Focus using lumber as the ingredient.